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IDC Spotlight discusses Pure Storage, Red Hat, and Intel for Performant BCDR Solution for Containers

Enterprise Reliability with Comprehensive BCDR for Apps Running on OpenShift

BCDR and Backup Services from the Portworx platform empower OpenShift teams to deploy their applications while ensuring app reliability, business continuity, and the ability to autoscale storage capacity with PX-Autopilot.


Application Availability

Protect apps built on OpenShift with zero RPO, <2 min RTO & near-zero failure rate.


Cost per Minute of Unplanned Downtime

Eliminate costly downtime with Portworx BCDR and built-in autoscaling.


Data Loss

Avoid data loss for apps running on OpenShift with Portworx BCDR solutions.

Address Enterprise Reliability for OpenShift Apps with Portworx BCDR solutions

Avoid Data Loss

Achieve zero data loss for applications running on OpenShift with Portworx synchronous disaster recovery capability. With Zero RPO and <2 minute RTO, OpenShift teams can be confident in the reliability and availability of their mission-critical applications.

Container-Granular, App-Aware Backups

Leverage Portworx Backup to automate the backup and recovery of any OpenShift application – whether running on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. With Portworx, OpenShift teams gain the ability to capture app-aware, container granular backups – making it easy to quickly restore in a new environment with all the underlying resources, data, configurations, and objects already in place.

Scale Without Fear

As OpenShift apps scale today, many quickly run into disc space issues due to challenges with the underlying storage. This can lead to unplanned outages during peak application usage. With Portworx, developers can expect their applications and the attached persistent storage will autoscale so the application remains online throughout the application lifecycle.

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