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The Easy Button for Kubernetes Data Protection

Portworx Backup is the built-for-Kubernetes data protection service, securing persistent data no matter where it lives—cloud or on-prem. A point-and-click UI offers a simple, self-service platform for backup and restore, as well as the following:

  • Complete data security spanning RBAC to ransomware protection to encryption
  • Secure data both in transit and rest
  • Support for heterogeneous environments

Using Portworx Enterprises Can

Recover Data in One Click

Easy to use, self-service platform for developers with container-granular and application-aware backup and restore.

Migrate Apps Anywhere in Minutes

Backup applications in one environment and restore in another for easy migrations between clusters, clouds, and regions.

Secure and Defend Your Data

Trust your data will be available when you need it with enterprise-grade RBAC, ransomware protection, and 3-2-1 rule support.

The Kubernetes Data Protection Platform

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Application-aware and Granular Backup and Restore

As a solution built for Kubernetes, Portworx Backup provides comprehensive data protection for containerized workloads.

The application-aware architecture ensures all application data, configurations, and objects are fully protected, and container-granularity ensures users can target specific applications to restore. This ensures complete, speedy restores over traditional methods.


Self-service Data Protection and Migration

Gain enterprise-level control over your organization’s most valuable asset—your data.

Portworx Backup offers sophisticated role-based access controls that give centralized, self-service access for users, so they can set their own automated backup policies and rules without IT intervention.

Portworx Backup also enables users to easily migrate applications, between any cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environment. To put it simply, you can backup your app in one environment and restore in another.

Secure Data so It's Available When You Need it Most

Ransomware Protection

Defend against ransomware attacks with delete protection and immutability, so you can easily recover all your data from backups.

3-2-1 Compliance

Adhere to the golden rule of data protection with the 3-2-1 backup rule—3 copies of data on 2 different media sources with at least 1 off-site copy.

Air-gapped Environments

Support air-gapped environments using Portworx Backup to ensure data protection regardless of where you store your data.

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Portworx Platform Services

Storage Services

Cloud Native storage optimized for containers. Operate at scale. Rule-based automation & flexible thin-provisioning allocation. Any cloud & on any storage.

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Disaster Recovery

Deliver availability & recoverability ensuring business continuity with zero RPO for Kubernetes. Multi-site synchronous metro & asynchronous WAN replication.

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Database Services

Simplify and automate the deployment of Mongo, Elastic, Kafka, Postgres, Kafka and Cassandra. Empower developers with self-service Day 1 & Day 2 data ops.

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DevOps Services

Integrated with GitOps & CICD pipelines. Manage storage services with a single-pane interface to provide development teams with self-service capabilities.

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Additional Capabilities

Kubernetes Data Protection

Why traditional methods for backup and restore won’t work for Kubernetes, and what to look for in a Kubernetes data protection platform.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Learn the best practices for disaster recovery and business continuity for Kubernetes applications.

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Copy Data Management

Backups can be used for more than just data protection. They can also be used to mimic production environments for testing and debugging.

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KPN Customer Story

KPN Building
Backup is simpler [with Portworx]. We can now backup single data volumes, restore them to another namespace, and then simply copy the data we need directly from that space, which saves us significant time and headaches.

Jeroen van Gemert, DevOps Engineer, KPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same backup solution I use to backup and restore virtual machines (VMs)?

In traditional backup, backing up and restoring on the VM level is usually sufficient to fully protect any applications.

However, using a VM-based approach to backup Kubernetes applications will often result in slow or incomplete restores because containerized infrastructure is so different. Containers have distributed application components, so restoring a singular VM may include multiple components of several applications while failing to fully restore any single application. Containers also store persistent data externally, so simply backing up the container won’t capture the externally stored data, leading to inconsistent restores.

It is important to use a built-for-Kubernetes solution like Portworx Backup services that can produce fast, complete restores using an application-aware and container-granular approach.

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I use a free, open-source backup solution. How does Portworx compare?

Free, open source backup solutions can be a great start for organizations kicking off their container journey. However, as your projects mature in scope and scale, open source solutions often cannot grow and scale with you.

These open source solutions often do not come equipped with enterprise-grade features like role-based access controls, simple restores, and easy-to-use UI. An organization’s backup solution must be easily scalable without significant manual effort from development teams.

Portworx Backup services provides many out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade features, like self-service access, single-click restores, ransomware protection and more.

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Our stack is highly customized. Is Portworx Backup compatible with our unique setup?

Many organizations have a customized stack that is specific to their needs. Portworx meets this need as the market-leading Kubernetes data platform to run containers and modern databases. Portworx is infrastructure, Kubernetes distribution, and data service agnostic, meaning it can work into almost any IT stack.

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Does Portworx provide disaster recovery as well?

Many Kubernetes data protection providers conflate disaster recovery with backup and restore. Portworx is one of the few platforms that can provide both.

Disaster recovery (DR) requires replication at the storage level in order to provide synchronous or asynchronous DR. Using backup and restore in lieu disaster recovery may be sufficient for lower tier applications where you can tolerate some data loss. Because there is no replication on the storage level, though, this is not considered disaster recovery.

Portworx provides synchronous and asynchronous DR, as well as backup and restore, so you can rest assured knowing you have comprehensive data protection with backup and business continuity with disaster recovery.

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