Protect your mission-critical Kubernetes applications easily with automated Disaster Recovery

Automated disaster recovery for Kubernetes applications and data at the push of a button

The Challenge

Building an enterprise grade Kubernetes platform entails more than simply deploying your applications. You need to protect them too. However, traditional DR solutions aren’t a fit for Kubernetes applications because they rely on machine-based backups and don’t speak the language of Kubernetes. The result is a manual approach to DR, when what you need is automation.

Container Granular

Kubernetes applications are container based, not machine based. To be effective, DR needs to happen at the container level too.

Application Aware

Modern applications are comprised of many containers running across many hosts. Recovering these applications without data corruption requires application-consistent backups, not simply volume snapshots.

Namespace Control

Even if you can take container-granular snapshots in an application consistent manner across hosts, there are simply too many pods in an average Kubernetes cluster to do these operations manually. You need to be able to backup and recover an entire Kubernetes namespace with a single command.

Data + Application Config

Backing up just your data is not enough. You also need to back up application configurations so that you can recover your applications quickly, without manually reconstructing all your Kubernetes objects.


Protection needs to just happen. Relying on a manual process is unreliable and doesn’t scale. Implementing complex scripts is unmanageable.

All Clouds

You need bi-directional support to backup AND restore across all of your clouds – public and private. Moving data and replicating storage across clouds is hard.

Zero RPO + Low RTO

Achieving near instant recovery with no loss of data is hard for traditional applications, it’s even harder for multi-container applications running across different storage classes.

The Portworx Solution

Automate protection of your containerized applications with Kubernetes optimized cloud native disaster recovery.

Recover Entire Apps

PX-DR doesn’t just protect data. We also protect your application configuration and Kubernetes objects, so that recovering your applications is as easy as redeploying your pods.

Zero RPO

For data centers in a metro area, a single Portworx cluster can span two distinct Kubernetes clusters, enabling Zero RPO failover for mission-critical apps.


Because PX-DR protects your application configuration and Kubernetes objects in addition to your data, it is easy to ensure low RTO for applications in the face of disaster.

DR Across the WAN

If you don’t have two datacenters in a metro area, you can still use PX-DR across the WAN. Portworx will regularly snapshot your data volumes, app configuration, and Kubernetes objects and move them to a second location. While your RPO will be higher, you still get the same low RTO.

All Stateful Apps

You don’t have to be an expert in each data service, because our app-specific capabilities automate DR for any data service.

Run On All Infrastructures

Portworx aggregates your underlying storage in the cloud (AWS EBS, Google PD, etc) or on-prem (bare metal, NetApp, EMC, vSAN, etc) and turns it into a container-native storage fabric.
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Supported technologies

And more…

“There are a few critical areas in your stack where you cannot afford a failure. Storage is one such area. We evaluated open-source options for cloud-native storage, but they were not as stable for our high-performance use case. We chose Portworx because it is a stable, mature, container-native storage option with one of the most responsive engineering and support organizations I’ve ever worked with.” – Satya Komala, head of autonomous vehicle cloud and enterprise architecture, NIO LEARN MORE ▸
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Popular Use Cases

Database as a Service


Containers as a Service


Software as a Service


Database as a Service

Easily run complex databases as a service.

  • Fast, self-service provisioning
  • Easily manage many instances of each data service
  • Automated operations (capacity management, policy enforcement)
  • Add on DR, Encryption as needed on a per app basis

Containers as a Service

Confidently run your most mission-critical data services on Kubernetes with the Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform.

  • Offer any data services at on your container as a service platform
  • Easily manage many instances of each data service
  • Automate operations (backup, capacity management, policy enforcement, and more)
  • Keep storage costs down with automated capacity management

Software as a Service

Scale the backend data services for your SaaS app without operational complexity.

  • Data services at SaaS scale
  • Easily manage many instances of each data service
  • Automate operations (backup, capacity management, policy enforcement, and more)
  • Keep storage costs down with automated capacity management