About Us


Containers have enabled developers and IT ops to package, test, and deliver applications quickly and easily. Portworx does the same for your containers’ data. For the first time, you can securely run any containerized app, on any scheduler, on-prem or in any cloud.


Portworx’s founders previously launched the storage optimization company Ocarina Networks, acquired by Dell in 2010. The team includes veterans from leading startup and enterprise vendors including Google, Microsoft, NetApp, and Nimble Storage.

Murli Thirumale
Co-Founder and CEO Music and crazy socks. Parent of twins.
Goutham Rao
Co-Founder and CTO Running, traveling, and annoying my teenage daughter.
Vinod Jayaraman
Co-Founder/Chief Architect Traveling with burritos.
Max Kozlovsky
Member of Technical Staff Cleverly disguised as software engineer.
Ankit Patel
Director of Engineering Will automate everyone and everything around him.
Ganesh Sangle
Member of Technical Staff Ephemeral philomath.
Jessica Zhang
Member of Technical Staff Oil Painting, hiking, pineapple.
Paul Theunis
Member of Technical Staff Sports fanatic, beer and wine connoisseur, hardcore gamer.
Eric Han
VP of Product Marketing Fan of Glen McKenna Scotch and Disneyland with the kids.
Prabir Paul
Member of Technical Staff Drinking coffee and driving.
Aditya Dani
Member of Technical Staff Hiking, skateboarding and Bimmering.
Fred Love
Vice President of Corporate Marketing Good cooking, great marketing and bad jokes.
Jeff Silberman
Global Solutions Architect Rookie parent. Spirited musician.
Vilas Deshpande
Member of the Technical Staff Member of the Technical Staff
Dinesh Israni
Member of Technical Staff Skier and travel addict
Bhavana Raghupati
Member of Technical Staff Member of Technical Staff
Brian White
Inside Sales Representative Crossfit, Spartan, Traveler, Sales/day, Superman/night
Jose Rivera
Member of Technical Staff Member of Technical Staff
Shailvi Shah
Member of Technical Staff Board games, Cooking, Sci-Fi
Varun Turlapati
Member of Technical Staff Barstool Renaissance Man, Part-time Software Engineer
Venkat Ramakrishnan
VP of Engineering Running, swimming, aspiring standup comedian
Zoran Rajic
Member of Technical Staff Reading, gaming, and figuring how stuff works

Board of Directors

Murli Thirumale
Co-Founder and CEO
Goutham Rao
Co-Founder and CTO
Navin Chaddha
Managing Director, Mayfield
Amarjit Gill
Co-founder and CEO, Maginatics
Jai Das
Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures
Abhishek Shukla
Managing Director, GE Ventures


Ruslan Belkin
VP of Engineering, MetaMind
Justin Fitzhugh
Vice President of Technical Operations, Instart Logic
Gabriel Monroy
CTO, Engine Yard
Eric Herzog
VP, Product Marketing and Management, IBM Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure