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Key Challenges with Storage and Data Management

Portworx addresses key storage and data management challenges to enable scalable, production workloads on Amazon EKS

Cross-AZ HA & DR

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Cross Region Migration

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Optimize Infrastructure

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AWS and Portworx by the numbers


Reduce EBS spend by up to 60%


Increase in write performance


Achieve zero recovery point objective (RPO) within the metro area

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

When you run Portworx on top of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), your Kubernetes volumes are automatically replicated across Availability Zones (AZs), providing high availability (HA) and faster failover for Kubernetes applications, while PX-DR provides zero recovery point objective (RPO) DR.

Kubernetes Data Protection

Portworx PX-Backup provides point-and-click backup and restore of Kubernetes applications across Regions while PX-DR provides zero recovery point objective (RPO) DR.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

Portworx PX-Migrate lets you migrate entire Kubernetes applications including data and app configuration, easily between any AWS Region or AWS Outpost.

Container-native storage and data management

Manage, automate, and optimize your applications running on Amazon EKS.

How Portworx provides value

Scalability and Availability

SDS storage layer that automates container storage for developers and admins

Data Protection

App-consistent backup for cloud native apps with all k8s artifacts and state

Disaster Recovery

High Availability Replication between availability zones and regions & Clouds


Easily move applications between clusters for hybrid & multi-cloud availability


Implement consistent encryption and security policies & multi-tenancy across clouds

Infrastructure and Cost

Auto-scale storage as your applications grows to reduce costs

CHG Healthcare Case Study

CHG Healthcare helps hospitals tackle staff shortages as demand for doctors and nurses soars

Migrate to AWS while meeting replication, DR, and compliance requirements

Portworx Enterprise running on AWS EBS to deliver replication, DR, and high availability

Accelerated cloud development lifecycle to speed delivery new apps and features to customers

Reduced monthly data streaming and management costs by $5000

Read the Case Study

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