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Make Your Apps Persistent, Portable, and Protected

Containers are one of the most rapidly adopted datacenter technologies in history. But while containers have transformed application deployment, application data services have not kept pace. Application data for containerized apps must be persistent across nodes, portable both on-prem and in the cloud, and protected if nodes fail. Legacy storage arrays or software with container connectors are inadequate to address these needs.

Introducing Container Data Services from Portworx. Deployed as a container, Portworx pools existing servers, SANs, NAS, DAS, and cloud instances to create an integrated storage cluster and provide data services directly to containers. Benefits include:



Persistence and Protection

  • Data highly available across nodes
  • Application-level SLAs
  • Encryption and ACLs
  • Global file namespace

Purpose-Built for Containers

  • Services deployed as a container
  • Native Docker integration
  • Container-granular controls
  • Blazing bare-metal performance

Scheduler Integrated

  • Provisioned via Docker UCP, Kubernetes, Mesos or Rancher
  • Provisioned in seconds with no manual intervention
  • Optimal placement of containers for IOPS performance

Cloud Native

  • Runs seamlessly on-prem or in any cloud
  • Unifies server storage, SAN/NAS and cloud storage
  • Unified data services for hybrid cloud or multi-clouds


“Portworx is addressing one the most pervasive issues in container technology: persistent storage that is multi-cloud ready. The company has given DevOps enterprise-class scalability, features, and hardware protection for their containerized applications.”
Henry Baltazar
Research Director


Meet the Portworx Product Line

Portworx for Developers

Designed for developers and DevOps engineers, Portworx PX-Developer is a free solution with features including:

  • Data persistence and protection services deployed as a container
  • Scale-out deployment via Docker UCP, Kubernetes, Mesos and Rancher
  • RESTful API and command-line interface
  • Three node maximum deployment

For DevOps and the Enterprise

Purpose-built for DevOps and IT ops , PX-Enterprise is a full-featured solution with all the features of PX-Developer, plus:

  • Container-granular encryption and ACLs
  • Global namespace
  • Multi-cluster visibility and management
  • Intuitive GUI with role-based access
  • Scales to 1000s of nodes

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