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Fortune 2000 companies trust Portworx to manage their mission-critical data on-premises, in the cloud, and across data centers.

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"Portworx is an important part of what we need to do to simplify our infrastructure. In case of an attack, we can easily recycle and rebuild the entire environment including all of the game servers within an hour or less. If there's an issue, I know Portworx is going to keep me safe and secure and, most importantly, make sure my player data isn't lost." - Rob Cameron, Principal SRE, Roblox Read the case study



GE Digital

"Platforms like Predix represent the latest in cloud engineering - and operate in some of the largest distributed cloud configurations in the world. Portworx helps address our complex DevOps challenges by allowing us to enable data affinity solutions for containers rapidly, while improving data availability and scalability. Portworx provides infrastructure-agnostic features - such as volume persistence, high availability, data security and automation - that are valuable to a business like GE Digital." - Darren Haas, head of cloud engineering, GE Digital How GE Digital Tackled the Stateful / Stateless Problem for Industrial IoT

DreamWorks Animation

"Portworx has enabled DreamWorks to successfully run high-performance, mission-critical stateful services like Cassandra, Postgres, and Kafka in containers, a key part of modernizing our studio’s application platform. Before deploying Portworx, we struggled to find a data services layer that allowed us to take advantage of Kubernetes automation without using a centralized storage solution like a SAN or Ceph, an anti-pattern for most of our databases. Portworx’s distributed block storage solution lets us run our databases on direct-attached storage and still get the benefits of scheduler-based automation for our app. In addition to having a great product, the team has been very responsive and easy to work with." - Ali Zaidi, Director of Platform Services, DreamWorks Animation


“Our Kubernetes environment relies on multiple SQL and NoSQL databases. We compared many cloud native storage solutions in order to provide the most reliable, performant and available service to our customers. After a rigorous evaluation, we chose Portworx not only because their technology is top notch, but because we can count on the Portworx team to support us through our cloud native journey.” - Alan MARTINS, VP of Infrastructure, DailyMotion, a Vivendi Company


"With Portworx, our containers have fewer moving parts, fewer commands to understand, and fewer things to break." Case Study: For Lufthansa Systems, Customizing In-Flight Connectivity and Entertainment Systems for Its Award-winning BoardConnect Solution Dependson Stateful Containers


"We are rapidly scaling our containerized, micro-service based infrastructure and required a production-ready cloud native storage solution that would offer us the reliability and scalability we could count on. That's why we chose Portworx. Portworx is a battle-proven, highly reliable storage solution that scales with our increasing demand and enables our development team to focus less on storage and more on building new software services." - Jeffrey Zampieron, CTO, Beco. Architect’s Corner: Jeffrey Zampieron, CTO at Beco Inc. Microsoft Azure Case Study


"Portworx really comes in and saves the day because we have a storage fabric that integrates with container workflows, but still provides persistence like we'd expect in a VM environment." - Danny Purcell, DevOps Engineer, New Context Architect’s Corner: Danny Purcell, Senior DevOps Engineer at New Context


"Operational firefighting kills innovation because you are always focused on yesterday's problem instead of looking towards the future. The way to avoid constant firefighting is automation, which leads to more resilient, more secure, and more flexible applications. This is especially important for industries like cybersecurity and financial services where real-time data management is critical. Manual operations and real-time don't mix. With the new PX-Enterprise SDK, we have the ability to control every aspect of our cloud native storage via APIs to fully automate data management in real time." - Sunil Pentapati, Director of Platform Operations, Qomplx" Read the case study


"You don't want to mess around with the data layer for your containerized application. We picked Portworx because it saves us precious time managing our mission critical databases and let's us focus on the areas were we differentiate. Portworx is exactly what we needed for our Kubernetes deployment, a stable, performant, cloud native storage solution with a great support team we can call if there is ever a problem." - Simon Stender Boisen, CTO, Lix How Lix solves Cassandra, Postgres and ELK ops for Kubernetes.


"We are huge fans of open-source software and before we found Portworx, we tested almost every free and open source product for running stateful containers and they couldn’t satisfy our high requirements in scalability, resilience and security.Even if all of them are based on great ideas, they didn’t suit our demands. Architect’s Corner: How TrustBills built a secure, compliant Kubernetes platform for the German market


"The real business value of Portworx is time. We can get to market faster with Portworx than we could if we implemented everything ourself". Read the case study


"Our clusters are highly dense, meaning we run a lot of containers per host. On AWS, we use huge instances. The recommendation from Kubernetes is 100 pods per VM. Already, we’re running 200-300 pods per host. Also, since most of the apps that we run are stateful, we can easily have 200-300 volumes per host as well. And we’re working to push these limits even further. Because of these densities enabled by Kubernetes and Portworx, we’re easily saving 60-90% on our compute costs. Portworx itself was between 30-50% cheaper than any other storage solution we tested." Read the case study


"Portworx has been great to work with as we deploy Elasticsearch with Kubernetes in the cloud. Portworx features like CloudSnap make it easy to back up our container volumes to object storage, and the Portworx support team has been fantastic." - Chris Hoffman, senior technologist, Vertiv


"I chose Portworx as the cloud native storage layer for my multi-tenant container-as-a-service platform because it allows me to offer best-in-class features like high availability, auto-scaling, backup and recovery, and encryption to my customers at a reasonable cost," said Kris Watson, CEO of ComputeStacks, a company that provides a Docker container platform to service providers. "And now, PX-Enterprise with 3DSnap allows me to provide a time machine for my customer’s entire application, ensuring that I can always restore it to a particular point-in-time with guaranteed application consistency. No one else can do that."

Cloud Provider

"Portworx gave us the solutions to multi-writer containers, high availability, backups, and more out of the box so we could get started very quickly. In the end the quality of our product was higher and the time to market was lower." Sander Cruiming, Owner & Founder of Cloud Provider


"When I looked at how to achieve HA, snapshots, and scale, the only solution that I could use was Portworx. Portworx enabled me to increase revenue by offering a service that I would never have been able to build myself. I can oversubscribe my servers, thanks to thin provisioning. And I’m operationally efficient because Portworx automatically handles so many common failures that can occur in a dynamic server environment." - Greg Reed, CEO, MightWeb


"Waycom is a hosting provider focused on the French market which values security, privacy and reliability. When we decided to bring a container-as-a-service offering to market, we knew we needed a cloud native storage solution. We evaluated multiple open-source and proprietary solutions for Kubernetes storage and chose Portworx because it is the most mature, stable and full-featured solution on the market with a great support team we can call if there is ever a problem." Read the case study (in French)


"We initially tried to run stateful services like Jenkins and MySQL on Kubernetes using AWS EBS for persistent volume storage, but we quickly ran into issues with stuck volumes that led to application downtime. After months of struggling, we moved to Portworx, which allowed us to continue to use EBS for underlying storage, but without any of the negative issues we had experienced. Plus, now our stateful apps run across availability zones, which leads to better uptime." - Keaty Gross, Engineering Manager, Systems, Vox Media


Portworx is one of the few technologies that brings the convenience and flexibility of traditional storage to the containerized world.” - Lance Allred, IT Infrastructure Manager, DataScan


Portworx is one of the few technologies that brings the convenience and flexibility of traditional storage to the containerized world.” - Lance Allred, IT Infrastructure Manager, DataScan


Portworx is one of the few technologies that brings the convenience and flexibility of traditional storage to the containerized world.” - Lance Allred, IT Infrastructure Manager, DataScan

Portworx brings a unique mix of cloud native expertise.

Storage and Data Services

  • Years of expertise in enterprise storage
  • Invented storage orchestration for K8s

Application and Orchestration Integration

  • Deep and early Kubernetes expertise
  • Co-led the founding of CSI

Multi-Cloud DNA

  • First to offer multi-cloud Kubernetes storage
  • First to offer migration across environments