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The Single Platform for Any Database

Fully automate day 0 deployment and simplify day 2 operations for data services with Portworx database services, empowering development teams with self-service access to data services and removing the administrative burden that comes with deploying and managing databases.

  • Quickly deploy customized databases
  • Centralized management plane across data services
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in

Using Portworx Enterprises Can

Run One Platform

Deploy production grade data services within minutes on any cloud, at a low cost without any lock-in.

Operate One API

Perform day 2 ops within a single pane of glass, without hiring specialists for each data service.

Manage One Solution

Use a centralized, UI-based solution with enterprise-grade support for multiple data services from a single vendor using curated database container images.

The Database-Platform-as-a-Service


Automated Day 0 Deployment

Portworx database services supports a broad catalog of curated data services, including MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, and more. Regardless of the data service, Portworx simplifies the deployment of databases on a centralized platform, automating the unique deployments of each service into just a few clicks and removing the constraints of vendor lock-in.


Simplified Day 2 operations

Data service management doesn’t stop at deployment. Portworx also simplifies day 2 operations with:

  • Dynamic provisioning of persistent volumes
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc application-level backups
  • Monitoring data service metrics
  • Non-disruptive data service upgrade notifications and upgrades in a single click
  • These all reduce the operational complexity that comes with data service lifecycle management.

Centralized Management Platform

Each data service comes with its own set of unique requirements and design considerations that require different skill sets to manage. Portworx database services provides a consistent experience within a simple UI, removing the need for data service specialists and giving more time for developers to work on delivering applications.

Orange layer

Portworx Platform Services

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Backup Services

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Additional Capabilities


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a database-platform-as-a-service?

A database-platform-as-a-service provides a managed platform for deploying, operating, and managing different databases. These services abstract away the complexities that come with handling underlying infrastructure, giving developers and the business valuable time back to focus on other priorities that would have otherwise been spent on lifecycle management.

Key features that a database-platform-as-a-service should offer are scalability, high availability, security, automated backups, non-disruptive upgrades, and monitoring.

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What data services does Portworx support?

Today, Portworx supports MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Couchbase, Consul, RabbitMQ, and Apache Zookeeper. We are consistently adding support for more data services, so keep checking back to see if we support yours.

How do I deploy my data service of choice on Kubernetes using Portworx?

Portworx database services is simple to deploy on your data service of choice. We have many resources, including the following blogs that may help:

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