The Solution for Stateful Containers in Production. Designed for DevOps.

  • Any Stateful Container
  • Any Scheduler
  • Your Data Layer
  • Any Infrastructure
  • Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgresDB, Redis
  • Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Portworx
  • On-Prem, Azure, Google Cloud, AWS

Automation is the lifeblood of DevOps. Tools like Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm automate container clusters. Terraform and Ansible automate infrastructure. And Portworx automates the deployment and operations of data services at scale.

With Portworx, you can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler. You get a single data management layer for all of your stateful services, no matter where they run.

Portworx Is Part of Your DevOps Toolkit

storage for containers
storage for containers for Kubernetes
storage for containers for Mesosphere, DCOS, and Marathon
docker volume support on AWS
docker volume support on Azure
docker volume support on Google Cloud

Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams experience when running containerized databases and other stateful services in production.

persistent volumes for Docker
No data loss when your containers fail.
HA for Docker storage
Smart provisioning, replication, and failover to keep your apps up.
automatically manage docker volumes via your scheduler
Deep integration with the most popular container schedulers.
ecrypt docker volumes
Move fast. Move securely.
docker storage for any database or any environment
Consistently manage any database on any infrastructure.

The World’s Most Innovative Businesses Run Portworx

“Portworx helps address our complex DevOps challenges by allowing us to rapidly enable data affinity solutions for containers.”

GE uses Portworx to manage Docker volumes

“With Portworx, our containers have fewer moving parts, fewer commands to understand, and fewer things to break.”

Lufthansa Systems uses Portworx for Docker storage

“Portworx engineers were outstanding in helping us get up and running; we did our first deployment in a matter of hours.”

TGen uses Portworx for Docker volumes

format_quotePortworx has enabled Dreamworks to successfully run high-performance, mission-critical stateful services like Cassandra, Postgres, and Kafka in containers, a key part of modernizing our studio’s application platform. Before deploying Portworx, we struggled to find a data services layer that allowed us to take advantage of Kubernetes automation without using a centralized storage solution like a SAN or Ceph, an anti-pattern for most of our databases. Portworx’s distributed block storage solution lets us run our databases on direct-attached storage and still get the benefits of scheduler-based automation for our app. In addition to having a great product, the team has been very responsive and easy to work with.format_quote

Ali Zaidi
Director of Platform Services, DreamWorks Animation

Portworx and the Open-Source Community