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Automated CI/CD Management at Scale

Manage the containerized workloads in your CI/CD pipeline to be production-grade and enterprise-ready with Portworx DevOps services. Bring a scalable, resilient, and highly performant architecture to your development pipeline and experience:

  • Automated pipeline workflows
  • Faster and more reliable incremental builds
  • Synchronous and asynchronous disaster recovery
  • Simple backup and restore

Using Portworx Enterprises Can

Optimize DevOps Workflows

Better manage your CI/CD pipeline with faster, more reliable incremental builds and automated lifecycle workflows.

Support for Major CI/CD Platforms

Use Portworx in conjunction with any CI/CD tool that runs on Kubernetes, including Jenkins, Bamboo, and TravisCI.

Remove Developer Roadblocks

Provide self-service access to developers, removing IT dependencies and empowering teams with a simple, easy-to-use solution.

The Kubernetes DevOps Platform


Automated Lifecycle Management

Effectively running a CI/CD pipeline can come with hidden challenges. Automating down to the infrastructure level makes it simpler to  run high performance applications at scale.

Portworx provides on-demand access to storage for Kubernetes. Portworx automatically provisions volumes from available resources at the capacity, level of performance, data protection, security, and availability required for the application—making lifecycle management simple.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Often, enterprises will be forced to choose between performance and availability when running CI/CD pipelines. With Portworx, you can have both.

Simple, built-for-Kubernetes backup and restore ensures that your application—including data, configurations, and objects—is fully protected, so you can restore it in a single click.

Zero RPO disaster recovery for mission-critical applications ensures that as soon as you provision a new volume, a replica is immediately spun up. In the event of a disaster, a fast failover to the replica provides synchronous and asynchronous disaster recovery and limited downtime.

incremental builds

Faster Incremental Builds for Testing

Managing an effective CI/CD pipeline requires that you quickly and reliably recreate and reset your production environment for testing. Many may choose to run the same environment for multiple tests, but minor changes to configuration state can lead to errors unrelated to the code.

With Portworx, you can start all your builds from a known good snapshot of production data, then roll back to this golden image after each test run. This will result in reliable, faster test runs that can help accelerate incremental builds.

Portworx Platform Services

Storage Services

Cloud Native storage optimized for containers. Operate at scale. Rule-based automation & flexible thin-provisioning allocation. Any cloud & on any storage.

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Backup Services

Protect mission critical data with self-service backup. Container & application aware. Backup & migrate data anywhere, between clusters, clouds & regions.

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Disaster Recovery

Deliver availability & recoverability ensuring business continuity with zero RPO for Kubernetes. Multi-site synchronous metro & asynchronous WAN replication.

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Database Services

Simplify and automate the deployment of Mongo, Elastic, Kafka, Postgres, Kafka and Cassandra. Empower developers with self-service Day 1 & Day 2 data ops.

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Additional Capabilities


Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline by reducing build time with Portworx volume snapshots.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Learn the best practices for disaster recovery and business continuity for Kubernetes applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What CI/CD platforms can I run with Portworx?

Portworx is a flexible, infrastructure-agnostic data platform for Kubernetes. We support many CI/CD platforms that runs Kubernetes, including but not limited to Jenkins, TravisCI, and Bamboo.

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