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Achieve Zero Data Loss for your Critical OpenShift Applications

IDC Spotlight discusses Pure Storage, Red Hat, and Intel for Performant BCDR Solution for Containers

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The IDC Spotlight, sponsored by Intel, Mission-Critical Applications in Kubernetes Need Performant Disaster Recovery, outlines essential features for an enterprise-grade, container BCDR solution, placing emphasis on achieving zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and minimal Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for critical applications.

Find out why using traditional BCDR solutions isn’t always the best option and why a Kubernetes-native BCDR solution is essential for your mission-critical applications.

Read this IDC Spotlight to discover Intel’s collaboration with Red Hat and Portworx by Pure Storage in crafting a high-performant container BCDR solution, purpose-built for Kubernetes that, according to the IDC Spotlight, “combine[s] into a high-performance BCDR solution that aims to deliver zero RPO and RTOs of less than two minutes for organizations’ most critical Kubernetes applications.”

Download the paper to find out how Portworx, Red Hat, and Intel can deliver an enterprise-grade BCDR solution that enables platform teams to reliably scale their containerized apps in production

Key highlights:

  • An Integrated Solution: Our collaboration achieves zero RPO and RTOs under two minutes, seamlessly integrating computing capabilities for a comprehensive BCDR solution
  • Platform Synergy: Benefit from the synergy of Red Hat OpenShift Platform and Portworx Disaster Recovery for a robust and reliable container BCDR solution
  • Performance Powerhouse: Leverage the cutting-edge 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors for enhanced processing efficiency
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Enjoy the IDC spotlight on Disaster Recovery for mission-critical application in Kubernetes.