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True end-to-end testing requires that all differences between a test environment and production are eliminated, except for the desired changes being examined. The same is true when you are trying to debug a thorny issue. Containers provide an important level of isolation and reproducibility, but it is incomplete if the service being tested is stateful. Portworx gives you the ability to isolate and copy application data to any environment with PX-Motion.

Problems with copy data management in containers today:

  • Creating multiple copies of production data is difficult and error prone.
  • Isolating a single container’s data for copying to new environment is difficult with VM-style data management tools.
  • In order for Kubernetes to seamlessly start up your apps in new environment, you also need to move configuration information, in addition to data.

Portworx allows you to move data between any cloud or on-premises data center

Move Kubernetes data between production and test environments with PX-Motion

With PX-Motion, Portworx solves the data portability problem for applications running on Kubernetes by enabling users to migrate applications, data and configuration information between clusters including across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. This enables complete application reproducibility for better testing and debugging of stateful applications. Even if you run hundreds of pods on a server, you can isolate and copy just the configuration and data that you need.


Completely reproduce your production environment, including databases and other stateful services

By copying data and configuration at a container-granular level between production and test environments, Portworx allows businesses to completely reproduce their application environment for more complete testing and easier debugging.


Dynamically manage capacity with PX-Central

Thanks to embedded monitoring and metrics in PX-Central, you can understand the health and capacity of your test and production Kubernetes clusters at a glance, letting you easily know the state of your deployments at any time.