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Portworx Data Services, the complete solution for deploying production-grade data services on Kubernetes.

1-Click Data Services on Kubernetes

Introducing the Portworx Data Services DbaaS platform

Portworx Data Services (PDS) is the industry’s first Database-as-a-Service Platform for Kubernetes. With the click of a button, DevOps engineers can deploy a managed, production-grade data service on Kubernetes from the industry’s broadest catalog of options for SQL, NoSQL, search, streaming, and more. PDS fully automates Day-2 operations, including monitoring, backups, HA, DR, migration, auto-scaling, and security.

Simplify management of your Kubernetes data services

Modern apps are composed of dozens or even hundreds of microservices, often supported by multiple data services. Managing each of these data services in a dynamic, Kubernetes world is complex—and time-consuming. With Portworx Data Services, running data services on Kubernetes is up to ten times faster, compared to other solutions.

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Portworx Data Services solves the most important challenges facing DevOps teams running data services on Kubernetes

Fully Automated Management

Only PDS provides comprehensive, fully automated Day-2 operations so your DevOps team can focus on using data services, not managing them.

Broad Catalog of Data Services

Choose from a wide variety of data services including Cassandra, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Kafka, MongoDB, Postgres, and more.

Single Click Deployment

With a single click, deploy an enterprise-grade, production-grade data service that automatically supports backup, restore, HA, DR, data security, automated capacity management, and data migration.

DBaaS without lock-in

Developers need access to reliable data services for their apps and appreciate an as-a-service experience where they consume, but don’t manage, the database. PDS delivers an integrated platform that enables enterprises to run automatically managed data services, on any cloud, at a low cost. Get the benefits of DBaaS, without the lock-in.

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