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Enterprise-Grade Storage Built for Red Hat OpenShift

As enterprises scale Red Hat OpenShift applications into production, many are running into storage and data challenges that can lead to slow application development, operational complexity, and lack of data visibility. Key challenges include:

  • Consistent storage management cross VMs and Containers
  • App availability and performance
  • Hybrid cloud storage and data management
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, and data protection
  • Storage & cloud infrastructure costs
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By the Numbers

60 %

Reduce cloud storage costs by up to 60% for Kubernetes data and apps

5 X

Faster revenue growth attributed to enabling developer productivity


Achieve up to Zero RPO and <2 minute RTO disaster recovery

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IDC Spotlight
IDC Spotlight discusses Pure Storage, Red Hat, and Intel for Performant BCDR Solution for Containers

Goodbye Legacy, Hello Portworx + Red Hat OpenShift

Portworx is a critical component for Platform teams running on Red Hat OpenShift. Portworx provides a common persistent storage layer for both containers and virtual machines enabling key functions such as synchronous DR, HA, backup, and automated operations.

Accelerate App Modernization

Provide developers with self-service access to storage for apps running on Red Hat OpenShift.

Global Scale with Zero Downtime

Scale with built-in HA while protecting apps with BCDR that provides Zero RPO, <2 min RTO, and near-zero failure rate.

App Availability and Peformance

Enterprise grade, scalable, high performance storage built for Red Hat OpenShift.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Management

Easily manage and migrate storage across any hybrid deployment including VMs and containers running side by side on Red Hat OpenShift.

Customer and Partner Success

Red Hat OpenShift is the industry's leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, providing a consistent foundation for developers to build, deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. Portworx data management and data protection offerings help unlock key use cases for Red Hat OpenShift workloads in production

Chris Gray, VP North America Ecosystem, Red Hat

Red Hat Headquarters
With Portworx, should we ever need to move quickly between hyperscale cloud providers, we can easily do that. It’s just a matter of putting the workload into a container and moving to another provider—or back to on premises.

Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure, ARE Directorate

Scottish Government Building
Portworx helps [large financial institution] deliver faster and better customer experiences on Red Hat Openshift platform. With Portworx, we are ensuring near-zero data loss and downtime through secure backup and restoration capabilities

Director of Platform, Financial Services


90 %

reduction in data protection workflow
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