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Red Hat and Portworx - Better Together

Red Hat Openshift Container Platform is an industry leading Kuberntetes platform, while Portworx is the #1 leader in Kubernetes storage and data management. Together, Portworx and Red Hat OpenShift help you operate, scale and secure Kubernetes and application databases anywhere with just a few clicks. 


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Quickly adapt and scale your organization


icon backup and disaster recovery

Easily manage applications and unprecedented amounts of data


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Auto-scale storage as your applications grows to reduce costs

Red Hat and Portworx by the numbers


Reduce cloud storage costs by 50% or more for Kubernetes data and apps


Faster revenue growth attributed to enabling developer velocity


Achieve up to Zero RPO and < 1 minute RTO Disaster Recovery for mission-critical data services

Boost Developer Productivity

Deploy anywhere with one-click deployment and operation of multiple databases and Kubernetes storage. Self-service provisioning and workflow automation boosts developer productivity.

Scale Kubernetes in Production

Scale within hours vs. months with on-demand access to storage and high availability, fault tolerant and best performance; Easily migrate workloads from one OpenShift cluster to another or one site to another with full Kubernetes and application-level awareness.

Secure Applications

Protect apps to recover in seconds for mission critical Kubernetes deployments. Secure your data with bring-your-own-key encryption, and easily build backup and recovery workflows for your containers.

Optimize Infrastructure

Streamline upgrades and automate time consuming, manual processes that slow lead times. Optimize existing storage arrays by intelligently provisioning storage on demand.

How Portworx on Red Hat OpenShift improves value

Scalability and Availability

SDS storage layer that automates container storage for developers and admins

Data Protection

App-consistent backup for cloud native apps with all k8s artifacts and state

Disaster Recovery

High Availability Replication between availability zones and regions & Clouds


Easily move applications between clusters for hybrid & multi-cloud availability


Implement consistent encryption and security policies & multi-tenancy across clouds

Infrastructure and Cost

Auto-scale storage as your applications grows to reduce costs

Joint Customer: Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada had an important banking app that they wanted to move over to Kubernetes, but had to be able to withstand a complete data center failure with zero data loss.

Portworx Enterprise and PX-DR helped RBC to ensure availability and deploy their application on Red Hat OpenShift.

Zero RPO failover with < 2 minute RTO in event of primary data center loss.

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