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Easily run complex database as a service projects on Kubernetes

Consistently automate complex databases to deliver reliability, performance, and data protection as a cloud native service

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The Challenge

Architecting a Database as a Service to meet the needs of both your developers and traditional enterprise requirements in a Kubernetes environment is challenging. Your developers want speed and ease of use, with self service, auto scaling, and automated deployments. Your enterprise policies dictate strict rules around data protection, access control, encryption, and key management.

API Driven

Developers want cloud native interfaces to automate deployment and operations.

Auto Scaling

DevOps need “set it and forget it” declarative policy driven scaling.

Application Aware

Most modern data services are complex distributed systems that run across machines. You need to be able to manage the database as a whole, not as a collection of individual Pods.


You need to be able to centrally administer policy compliant data protection for snapshots, backup, and disaster recovery while at the same time enabling a self-service experience for your developers.


Enterprise policies dictate robust role based access control, encryption, and key management.

The Portworx Solution

Portworx gives developers the self-service they want, while maintaining operational control, data protection and security that IT requires.

Offer Any Database-as-Service

Portworx lets you easily offer any database-as-service to your users without being an expert in each data service, because our app-specific capabilities automate deployments, snapshots, backup, and more.

Self-service. Without giving up control.

Portworx makes it dead simple for dev teams to deploy a database-as-a-service without waiting for IT. But you can set storage and resource quotas and centrally apply policies to maintain control.

Automated Day 2 Operations

Accelerate adoption and automation of Day 2 operations with PX-Autopilot without needing extra staff. Increase reliability and cut your storage costs in half at the same time.

Run On All Infrastructures

Portworx aggregates your underlying storage in the cloud (AWS EBS, Google PD, etc) or on-prem (bare metal, NetApp, EMC, vSAN, etc) and turns it into a container-native storage fabric.


Give your users near bare metal performance while offering optional hyper-convergence of Pods and data volumes for super fast data locality, even in the case of Node failures.

Disaster Recovery

Achieve RPO Zero for your apps and data with container and namespace granular backups without being limited by machine-based backups of traditional DR.

Data Security

Run even sensitive apps on Kubernetes with Portworx’s built in encryption, BYOK, and role-based access controls for your mission-critical data.

Supported technologies

And more…

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Popular Use Cases

Containers as a Service

Confidently run your most mission-critical data services on Kubernetes with the Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform.

  • Offer any data services on your container as a service platform
  • Easily manage many instances of each data service
  • Automate operations (backup, capacity management, policy enforcement, and more)
  • Keep storage costs down with automated capacity management

Disaster Recovery

Virtual Machine disaster recovery doesn’t work for containers. PX-DR does.

  • DR built from the ground up for Kubernetes
  • Protection for entire apps, not just data volumes
  • Zero RPO disaster recovery in a metro area
  • Asynchronous DR options for wide area networks

Software as a Service

Scale the backend data services for your SaaS app without operational complexity.

  • Data services at SaaS scale
  • Easily manage many instances of each data service
  • Automate operations (backup, capacity management, policy enforcement, and more)
  • Keep storage costs down with automated capacity management

Kubernetes Backup and Recovery

Container-native backup for all your Kubernetes apps.

  • Works for all Kubernetes apps- stateless or stateful
  • Backup configuration, Kubernetes objects and data
  • Fast recovery and restore of entire applications
  • Storage agnostic, use directly with cloud block storage
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