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#1 Container Data Management Platform for the Enterprise

Portworx provides a fully integrated container data management platform to automate, protect, and unify modern applications across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Portworx accelerates time to revenue, delivers data resiliency, and agility at enterprise scale.

Using Portworx, You Can

Accelerate Time to Revenue

Portworx provides an enterprise-grade container data management platform that automates storage processes and reduces friction across the entire DevOps or MLOps lifecycle.

Architect Data Resiliency

Portworx ensures enterprise-grade business continuity, performance, and scale with zero RPO, <2 min RTO, and near-zero failure rate for cloud native applications and data.

Achieve Data Agility

Portworx abstracts away the complexities of hybrid and multi-cloud environments and unifies Kubernetes storage.

Portworx Platform Offerings

Storage Service Features
Portworx Essentials
Portworx Enterprise
Any cloud or bare-metal Kubernetes cluster
Cloud drive provisioning
Application-consistent snapshots 5 per volume Unlimited
Volume backup to cloud 1/day/volume Unlimited
Local snapshots 5/day/volume Unlimited
Container-optimized volumes with elastic scaling (no application downtime)
Storage aware class-of-service (COS) and application aware I/O tuning
Failover across nodes/racks/AZ
Auto-scaling -
Volume consistency groups -
OpenStorage SDK – plugs into CSI, Kubernetes and Docker volumes -
Cluster-wide encryption
Container granular or storage class based BYOK encryption -
Role-based access control -
Authorization -
Ownership -
Integration with active directory and LDAP via OIDC -
Multi-cloud/multi-cluster app migrations -
Portworx Autopilot for capacity management
Automatically resize entire storage cluster (Integrates with Amazon EBS, Google PD, Azure Block Storage and VMware vSphere) -
Automatically resize entire storage cluster (Integrates with Amazon EBS, Google PD, Azure Block Storage and VMware vSphere) -
Enables low and consistent I/O - Yes latencies across workloads -
New storage backend, PX-PXStorev2 - Yes for AWS (Amazon EBS)
PX-DR (add-on)
Multi-site synchronous replication for zero RPO DR in a metro area -
Multi-site asynchronous replication across the WAN -
Multi-cluster management UI -
Cluster Management CLI
Scheduler Support
Red Hat OpenShift
Docker Swarm -
Mesos -
Hashicorp Nomad -
Integration with Managed Kubernetes Services
Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
VMware Tanzu
IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS)
Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE)

The complete multi-cloud ready Kubernetes storage platform with elastic scalability, unmatched availability, and self-service access to any storage.

Storage Essentials

Free Forever

Essential Kubernetes storage capabilities for small production applications.

  • 5 max nodes
  • 50 max volumes
  • 5 TB storage per cluster
  • 5 snapshots per volume
  • Community support
  • Easy upgrade to Portworx Enterprise for unlimited capacity and full production support

Enterprise Storage

Free for 30 days

Fully-featured, enterprise storage platform for multiple production applications.

  • Unlimited nodes
  • Unlimited volumes
  • Unlimited storage per cluster
  • Unlimited snapshots per volume
  • 24x7x365 enterprise support
  • Options for annual/Multi-year subscription or pay-as-you-go
Backup Service Features
Portworx Backup
Container-native, app-aware backup—app, data and Kubernetes objects
Single-click restore
Schedule backups with policies
Ransomware protection with S3 object lock
Simplify management at scale with app labels
App consistency with pre/post rules
Protect cloud volumes (AWS EBS, Azure Disk, Google Persistent Disk)
Protect apps on Portworx Enterprise
Protect apps running on any storage (block or file)
Protect apps with 3-2-1 backup rule
Role-based self service access
Cross-cloud backup and restore
Multi-cloud app mobility
Multi-cloud disaster recovery
Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials
Disaster Recovery (add on with Portworx Enterprise)

Kubernetes Backup and Data Protection. Fast, easy, and secure data protection for Kubernetes apps anywhere.


Free Forever

Get started on Portworx Backup with no feature restrictions.

  • Single-click app-aware backup and restore
  • Application mobility
  • Protect 1 cluster and up to 1TB free
  • Available self-managed or fully managed
  • 24 x 7 x 365 enterprise support
Supported Database Services and Platforms
Portworx Data Services
Supported Databases or Data Services
SQL Server
Supported Platforms
Amazon EKS
Red Hat OpenShift
Azure AKS
Vanilla Kubernetes

Run any database or data service on one platform. Operate Any database with one API or User Interface. Manage any database with one 24 x 7 support from one vendor.

Database Services

Database-as-a-Service at the click of a button.

  • One-click deployment
  • Single dashboard
  • Day 2 automation
  • GitOps fleet management
  • 24 x 7 x 365 enterprise support
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