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When it comes to healthcare data, uptime is critical and data growth is constant. HealthEdge, a Portworx customer, needs technology that can scale as quickly as their business does. With Portworx, HealthEdge has been able to limit growing operational costs, reduce developer downtime,  and deploy applications with greater flexibility than ever before.

Customer Industry




Use Cases

Enable Multicloud

Business Transformation

  • Minimizes customer downtime for fast and easy access to health data
  • On track to reduce data center footprint by 70%
  • 99% less time spent on monthly database updates with containerization

IT Transformation

  • 3:1 data reduction supports growth for existing and new customer data
  • Reduces expenses, helping to contain costs for customers
  • Boosts resilience and recovery time by 71% without sacrificing performance
99 %

Reduction in data deployment

We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with Portworx, but the results have been astounding to date.
Kendra McCormick, Sr. Manager, Data Center & Network Operations