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CHG Delivers Cloud Native Healthcare Services

CHG Healthcare deploys new apps and services to its digital portal faster with support from Portworx®.

Healthcare organizations increasingly want to work through digital portals. CHG Healthcare uses Portworx as the storage layer to its development environment for faster development cycles.

To create a digital portal that would meet customer demands for apps and services, CHG Healthcare needed a powerful development environment. To operate services in the cloud, CHG needed a storage layer that was as flexible as the rest of the cloud-native stack.

Business Transformation

  • Speeds up software development cycle
  • Saves $5,000 per month in data streaming and management costs
  • Helps medical organizations onboard essential healthcare workers

IT Transformation

  • Makes software upgrades faster and less painful
  • Gains strong support from Portworx engineers
  • Spins up new clusters quickly for fast migration


With Portworx in place, we can continue to play our part in helping hospitals and medical institutions deliver modern care services across the United States for years to come.”

– Reed Glauser, Director of Engineering, CHG

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