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KPN serves millions of customers across the Netherlands, using a multi-tenant Kubernetes platform to keep data secure and available. Portworx modernizes the storage environment with better disaster recovery capabilities and improved performance to support any customer workload.

KPN transformed its customer data services with Kubernetes containerized environments. After moving workloads, it became clear that the existing data storage model lacked the performance, backup, and recovery that KPN wanted.

Business Transformation

  • Makes customers’ businesses more resilient and successful
  • Customers can double storage capacity with a click
  • Significantly improves performance for customers

IT Transformation

  • Simplifies backups with the ability to backup single data volumes
  • Delivers faster recovery time with replication between two clusters
  • Single storage layer streamlines processes across multiple clusters
Customer Industry


Use Cases

Disaster Recovery

“With Portworx, we know we can deliver the level of service our customers expect.”

Jeroen van Gemert, DevOps engineer, KPN