• Maintaining availability and performance of a platform used by 70 million gamers worldwide while keeping operations costs in check
  • Preventing data loss in the case of large-scale failures
  • Scaling a large data platform without an overreliance on additional headcount


  • HashiCorp Nomad for managing vm- and container-based workloads scaling to 1000s of nodes
  • Portworx PX-Enterprise for cloud native storage and data management


With Portworx, stateful applications like databases are as easy to manage as stateless services without the need to sacrifice critical resiliency and redundancy. Portworx support and engineering teams provide critical expertise to the Roblox team, allowing their platform to scale to millions of users without having to operate and scale a storage platform. Now in the case of an attack or other large scale failure, Roblox can easily recycle and rebuild their entire environment within one hour or less.

Customer Industry


Use Cases


“Portworx is an important part of what we need to do to simplify our infrastructure. In case of an attack, we can easily recycle and rebuild the entire environment including all of the game servers within an hour or less. If there’s an issue, I know Portworx is going to keep me safe and secure and, most importantly, make sure my player data isn’t lost.”

Rob Cameron, Principal SRE, Roblox