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When Ford wanted to increase developer productivity and simplify storage management for cloud-native applications, Portworx by Pure Storage won hands down.

One of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, Ford Motor Company accelerates innovation using software-driven business models. Ford underpins its stateful data running on Kubernetes with high-performance storage, data protection, and disaster recovery. Using Portworx by Pure Storage as the cornerstone of its application development stack, Ford consistently simplifies persistent storage for cloud-native applications, reducing the cognitive load on developers so they can innovate faster.

Business Challenges

Ford needs to ensure the business continuity of its stateful cloud native applications, making persistent storage management critical in its Kubernetes environment. The company looks for every opportunity to accelerate developer velocity to meet the demand for faster innovation. Ford identified the storage burden on developers as an impediment to productivity and was determined to reduce it while maintaining strict quality and cost control.

Business Transformation

  • Drives sustained innovation with an improved developer experience
  • Meets customer expectations with a highly productive development team
  • Accelerates time to value while protecting Ford ‘s reputation for quality

IT Transformation

  • Modernizes application stack used by employees
  • Supports business continuity with persistent storage in the Kubernetes environment
  • Enables developers to focus on adding value on top of the basic building blocks of Kubernetes by reducing the cognitive load associated with storage
Customer Industry


Use Cases

Accelerate Core Applications
Enable Multicloud

“At the end of the day, what we are talking about is enablement of developers and velocity of delivering services at a particular price point and at a particular quality. . . There's hardly anything we can do in Kubernetes without having persistent storage and that is what has brought us together with Portworx."”

Satish Puranam, Technical Lead & Manager - Cloud, Ford Motor Company