Application Migrations on Kubernetes with CockroachDB

With Kubernetes running in the data center and in the cloud as the defacto container orchestrator, enterprises are looking for a way to keep their applications running in the case of disaster. Security breaches, natural disasters, power outages, and other unexpected scenarios mean enterprises need a way to move their applications from one data center to another whether that is on-prem or in the cloud.
Enter Portworx and multi-cluster workflows. CockroachDB is a globally scalable database that was built to be resilient during failures. CockroachDB can recover from individual node failures and replicate data to healthy nodes if a failure occurs on a single server, however, what if all of your servers fail? Portworx adds an additional layer of resilience for a truly adaptable solution that is hard to take down. In the case of total data center failure, you need a DR strategy that at a minimum includes full asynchronous or continuous migration of your application and data to another site. Portworx offers synchronous and asynchronous disaster recovery for this type of scenario. Check out the video below for a live demo of CockroachDB failing from one site to another.

Portworx | Technical Marketing Manager

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