America’s Largest Media and Entertainment Company goes Smart and Fast with Portworx


It’s Saturday night, and your customer and her family intend to spend it watching their all-time favorite on-demand movie. They pick the movie, start it, and settle in to watch it. They begin to experience buffering or poor streaming quality 15 minutes into the movie. Consumers of entertainment are likely to churn quickly and switch providers, due to such a poor performance or experience.  Media and entertainment providers need to meet subscribers’ demands for always-on, high-quality content that is constantly available on demand. In turn, these service providers’ demands for apps, such as on-demand video with quick reads and writes of big data streams, continuous data availability, reliability, and resilience, become crucial in staying ahead of the competition.


Improve the quality of service by leveraging the best I/O performance and near-zero failure rate

One of the biggest media and entertainment firms recognized these needs and how they might be met by utilizing Portworx Enterprise, the #1 Kubernetes storage platform, which offers highly performant and scalable Kubernetes storage for these applications. They have had a great partner in Portworx as they transition their current video infrastructure to a modern Kubernetes platform. With more than 50 million subscribers, it is imperative to ensure that the content is available and prepared to reliably play when the subscribers are ready to watch it by bringing the failure rate while the subscribers are playing a movie close to zero. They were able to achieve that level of I/O performance with certainty and a failure rate that was close to zero – thanks to Portworx Enterprise’s unique PX-Fast technology/capability. The business is no longer in need of a separate storage staff to run and maintain Portworx clusters – they are able to move the apps to Kubernetes platform without impacting other services.


Extract better streaming performance for your subscribers by fully utilizing your NVMe drives

The platform engineer at this largest media and entertainment company is responsible to build and deploy a platform that ingests petabytes of data into low latency databases such as ElasticSearch and MongoDB. It is crucial for them to gather subscriber analytics in order to comprehend users’ usage patterns and facilitate quicker problem-solving. Additionally, data analytics and aggregation are carried out to recognize data patterns and enhance subscriber experiences. Because Portworx’s PX-Fast capabilities provide throughput/IOPS that are remarkably close to the equivalent of writing directly to the high-performance (NVMe)-based infrastructure, the underlying performance was increased to over a million IOPS (read this blog to learn what NVMe is and why it is important for containers and Kubernetes storage). This high performance and data availability from Portworx has enabled the organization to reduce operational costs by millions of dollars.

The ease of scaling with Portworx has been critical to this media and entertainment company’s success. Today, Portworx helps them with 7+ PBs of ingests per day, storing over 4+ trillion documents, and ingesting 2+ million events per second. In order to support them with an excellent subscriber experience that will help them grow and expand their ability to offer the same quality of service to subscribers anywhere across the globe, Portworx will continue to work as a partner with them and provide highly performant, flexible Kubernetes storage.

To learn more about how to overcome challenges of your Kubernetes persistent storage with Portworx and NVMe infrastructure, please watch the PX-Fast demo video and contact your Portworx sales representative. You may also try a free 30-day trial of Portworx Enterprise at to get your hands dirty. 

Surbhi Paul

Group Product Marketing Manager, Portworx

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