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Portworx Backup Features and Pricing

Fast, easy, and secure Kubernetes backup and data protection.

Portworx Backup

Protect your applications and clusters with complete backup for Kubernetes

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Plan Highlights

  • Single-click app-aware backup and restore
  • Application mobility
  • Protect 1 cluster and up to 1TB free
  • Available self-managed or fully managed
  • 24 x 7 x 365 enterprise support
  • Upgrade to unlimited data protection any time

Protect all of your Kubernetes clusters, applications, and data

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Portworx Backup
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Portworx Backup Features

Built from the ground-up for Kubernetes applications, Portworx Backup handles key data protection challenges, like single-click backup and restore, quick disaster recovery, cross-cloud mobility, enterprise-grade compliance, and self-service access.

Container-native, app-aware backup—app, data and Kubernetes objects
Single-click restore
Schedule backups with policies
Ransomware protection with S3 object lock
Simplify management at scale with app labels
App consistency with pre/post rules
Protect cloud volumes (AWS EBS, Azure Disk, Google Persistent Disk)
Protect apps on Portworx Enterprise
Protect apps running on any storage (block or file)
Protect apps with 3-2-1 backup rule
Role-based self service access
Cross-cloud backup and restore
Multi-cloud app mobility
Multi-cloud disaster recovery
Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials
PX-DR (add on with Portworx Enterprise)
Multi-site synchronous replication for Zero RPO DR in a metro area
Multi-site asynchronous replication across the WAN

Full Feature List


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