When Comcast wanted to improve reliability of its video-on-demand service, it created a next-generation infrastructure platform using Kubernetes and Portworx by Pure Storage. Comcast can now quickly identify and address issues, reducing failure rate to less than 1%. After the early success, Comcast expanded the platform into other geographies and business areas including voice, networking, advertising, IoT, and online apps.


Comcast’s Multi-year Journey with Kubernetes and Portworx

Paul Davis, Principle Engineer at Comcast, shares his insights on Comcast’s multi-year journey with Portworx.

With a customer base of 53 million subscribers, even a low failure rate could affect thousands of households. To address the problem, Comcast needed to modernize its video infrastructure, including persistent storage and monitoring, without adding management overhead.

Business Transformation

  • Improves customer experience for video-on-demand services by identifying and resolving issues before they result in failure
  • Expands the platform to all business areas, delivering early problem detection and resolution across the company
  • Saves millions in operating costs

IT Transformation

  • Reduced failure rate below 1%
  • Doubled utilization in 12 months
  • Improved monitoring capabilities, ingesting 175TB/day, 2.5M events/sec, 4.3T documents total

“We don't mind taking risks to aggressively push our agenda forward, and Portworx has kept pace with us and embraced it. Portworx has been instrumental in our success.”

Paul Davis, Principal Engineer, Software Development & Engineering, Comcast