Unlocking the Power of Tomorrow's Data Platform: Expert Advice from GigaOm

Platform engineering is all about making everything an application needs available instantly to developers. Portworx is an  end-to-end Kubernetes Data Platform that optimizes Kubernetes storage and data management, making it simpler for platform engineers to make data services available to developers without requiring downtime or service tickets.

This conversation with GigaOm will give you a backstage look at what makes for an internal developer platform that will continue to evolve and meet your current and future requirements for data portability, resiliency,  and security.

This webinar will transparently address several big topics facing platform teams today, including:

  • Why storage is a critical and foundational piece of any IDP and how Portworx stands apart as a leader in this year’s GigaOm Report for cloud native storage.
  • Leveraging a cloud-neutral operating model for data on kubernetes so you can work with the best of each available cloud service for various application requirements
  • How to achieve the right level of abstraction so developers can focus on their applications without taking on  extra cognitive load
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Joep Piscaer

DevOps and Cloud Native Analyst for GigaOm

Rajiv Thakkar

Director, Product Marketing at Portworx

Enjoy the video!

Essential Requirements for Platform Engineers & Building Internal Developer Platforms