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Cars involve more technology than ever, from infotainment systems to autonomous parking. One of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers accelerates software innovation by using Portworx to manage persistent storage for its cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes.

To stay competitive in the automotive industry, this manufacturer needs to accelerate time to market for applications used by employees, drivers, and dealers, ranging from plant management systems to in-vehicle features.

Business Transformation

  • Supports modern in-vehicle features and capabilities such as infotainment systems and autonomous parking
  • Modernizes application stack used by employees, drivers, and dealers
  • Accelerates time to market by maximizing development speed and agility

IT Transformation

  • Spins up new storage in minutes
  • Reduces costs by 60% with more efficient infrastructure
  • Reduces power and cooling emissions with compact racks
Customer Industry


Use Cases

Accelerate Applications
Enable Multicloud