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Do you run Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE)? Looking for a way to fully protect your applications and data from disaster? In this blog post we’re going to discuss how you can have multiple Rancher Kubernetes sites and connect them together using PX-DR.

Also keep in mind that Portworx can be deployed directly from the Rancher Catalog. Below is a quick snapshot of the configuration of Portworx within Rancher Kubernetes Engine.


With PX-DR, RKE clusters can be connected via Asynchronous or Synchronous DR. This means that two entirely distinct RKE clusters are connected via a cluster pair and migration schedules are created to move Kubernetes objects such as secrets, deploymentsstatefulsets, services from one cluster to the other as well as the associated data within the PV and PVCS.

What can you do with RKE enabled with Disaster Recovery powered by Portworx?

  • Create a Primary and DR site from on prem to cloud or vice versa.
  • Failover to a DR site with Zero RPO and very low RTO.
  • Backup Kubernetes applications and their data on a schedule.

Check out this demo of PX-DR on RKE in action.

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