The 802.11 Effect in Containers

In the 1990s, the 802.11 wireless LAN standard coalesced a fragmented market of disparate technologies. Semiconductor manufacturers, device suppliers and computer vendors united behind 802.11 and created a huge wireless LAN market. Wireless LANs became ubiquitous and transformed all our lives. Standards accelerate adoption and innovation!

We are ready for the 802.11 effect in containers.  Next generation applications deployed as microservices in containers are taking the world by storm promising unprecedented agility in application deployment.  Containers technologies are standardizing around the Open Container Initiative

The next step is standards in IT infrastructure for Containers.  New container focused infrastructure has the potential to transform datacenters into low-cost, elastic, service oriented powerhouses. Last week, Portworx joined a team of leading companies to start converging container infrastructure standards under the umbrella of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation

Portworx’s focus is on creating standards for container storage.  We plan to help create container-defined storage standards for highly scalable, self-service storage on commodity storage servers  We are excited about joining the effort with CNCF to accelerate container adoption.  Let’s make this as successful as the 802.11 effort was!

Portworx | Co-Founder and CTO

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