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Three steps to build a production-grade Cloud Native Platform

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June 13, 2022 | On Demand

Watch our exciting and comprehensive on-demand webinar where our Cloud Native Architects share their profound expertise with you on:

  • How to optimize your Data Management in Kubernetes with Portworx Enterprise
  • How Portworx Data Services can help solve the most important challenges your DevOps teams face when running data services on Kubernetes
  • How Portworx Backup a.a.S. for EKS clusters in AWS and on prem will protect your applications and data with fast recovery at the click of a button
Explore how Portworx will help you bring your Kubernetes applications into production at enterprise scale
joe gardiner
Joe Gardiner

Director Cloud Native Architecture, EMEA

vincent jamois
Vincent Jamois

Cloud Architect

Anthony Hodson

Cloud Architect

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