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T-Mobile achieves greater application agility with Portworx

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May 16, 2023 | 10:00 a.m. PT On Demand

T mobile

T-Mobile is a highly-awarded Telco market leader with the happiest customers. T-Mobile partners with Portworx to get the most scale and performance from cloud native applications.

T-Mobile’s success is built with engineering teams and applications that can work smarter and with more agility across a cloud native data management platform. In trusting Portworx to enable self-service for persistent storage and DBPaaS, T-Mobile has reached its intended goals from containerized app delivery: efficiency, innovation, and cost savings.

Join Portworx and T-Mobile for a 30-minute Q/A session focused on self-service for Kubernetes in production. We’ll also explore how to tactically overcome common hurdles on the way to application modernization.

Topics addressed in this session will include:

  • T-Mobile’s expert guidance for deploying stateful applications that scale
  • How organizations can boost developer productivity using self-service to Kubernetes storage
  • How to address customer demands with new services in this cloud native era
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Rajiv Thakkar

Director, Product Marketing, Portworx by Pure Storage

Salman Mohammad

Software Principal Engineer, T-Mobile

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