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Real-World Guidance For Operationalizing Stateful Kubernetes

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To avoid complex learning curves while scaling Kubernetes for applications in production, most agile teams adopt a K8s storage management platform alongside a K8s container management platform. Join the conversation with our cloud architects on-demand to help you save countless hours of trial and error as you deploy applications at scale within a Kubernetes environment. 

This “Tech Chat” is a candid dialogue between our team of cloud native practitioners. They share their observations about how the most successful teams bypass common challenges when it comes to deploying stateful Kubernetes across complex environments and large volumes of containers.

We cover several topics, including: 

  • The advantages of day 0 and day 2 operations with a platform and what the implications are for cost savings and simplified CI/CD testing. 
  • Deploying databases, messaging queues, key value stores, and much more on Kubernetes at scale.
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Eric Shanks

Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Chris Crow

Cloud Native Architect, PNW

Rael Mussell

Cloud Architect

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