Quick and Practical Ways to Trim Your AWS Bill

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March 1, 2023 | 10:30 am PST On-Demand Webinar

The applications that were developed over the last several years are now totally integrated into our lives. These applications have changed customer expectations and have created a need for teams to maintain, patch, and upgrade them, to keep them operational 24×7.

Cost and efficiency have become more pressing priorities in today’s economic climate. How can you leverage tools for greater efficiency now that these applications are in production?

Portworx helps customers running Kubernetes on Amazon EKS reduce their overall spend on cloud storage and infrastructure costs. Watch the webinar to pick up best practices for optimizing cloud costs with Portworx through:

  • Just in Time Provisioning. Increase capacity and resize container volumes on demand without any downtime.
  • Higher Density per Volume. Attach 100s of container volumes to a single host to get greater EC2 vertical density.
  • Thin Provisioning. For greater density within EBS and EC2 volumes for containers.
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Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy

Cloud Architect, Portworx by Pure Storage

Andy Gower

Group Manager, Partner & Solutions Marketing, Portworx by Pure Storage

Jessica Christensen

Demand Generation Manager, Portworx by Pure Storage

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