Portworx 101: Hands on Labs

Join us for our Monthly hands on labs that show compelling features which Portworx Enterprise can bring to your Kubernetes environment! You’ll get access to a Kubernetes cluster with Portworx already installed and be guided by a live instructor where you can experience:

  • The simplicity of self-service persistent volume provisioning for modern applications using storage in Kubernetes
  • How CSI drivers and external storage simply can’t scale and keep up with the CRUD churn of Kubernetes compared to cloud native storage
  • How to prevent “noisy neighbor” scenarios for storage in Kubernetes by limiting IOPS and bandwidth for individual persistent disks
  • Simple and efficient automated capacity management so your pods don’t run out of disk space and crash your applications
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Tim Darnell

Director, Technical Marketing

Eric Shanks

Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Thank you for registering! We’ll see you there.