How to Easily Backup & Recover any Kubernetes Application at the Click of a Button

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All enterprise applications require backup and recovery, but traditional backup tools weren’t designed for Kubernetes. For innovative enterprises pushing the boundaries of Kubernetes, that means you:

  1. Either have slow recovery in case of a disaster by continuing to backup entire virtual machines and rebuilding applications in place during restores
  2. Or must cobble together a container-granular solution manually

Built from the ground up for Kubernetes, PX-Backup is a standalone product that delivers enterprise-grade application and data protection with fast recovery at the click of a button, whether you are using Portworx storage or not.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Backup all your Kubernetes applications no matter if they are stateless or stateful
  • Restore all your Kubernetes applications between any cloud or on-prem data center
  • Use a Kubernetes backup solution that understands key Kubernetes concepts like container-granularity, namespace awareness, Kubernetes configurations and more

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