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Easier Object Storage and GitOps Routines with Portworx Enterprise 2.12

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| 10:00 a.m. PST On-Demand Demo


Tune in for a Kubits Technical Demo, a deep dive into a simpler way to provision and access your object storage with Portworx Enterprise and the Kubernetes API.

Portworx Enterprise 2.12 uses three new CustomResourceDefinitions to provision object storage buckets on Amazon S3 or Pure FlashBlade Arrays, making GitOps routines even easier.

In this Kubits technical demo, our Principal cloud native expert Eric Shanks, explores how the latest updates to  Portworx Enterprise help you to:

  • Supercharge your NVMe storage with a new optimized storage path for NVMe devices
  • Easily manage S3 buckets through Scale-Out Object Storage
  • Simplify deployment using Amazon EKS Blueprints
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