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The Voice of Kubernetes Experts Report 2024

The Data Trends Driving the Future of the Enterprise

Top trends and challenges in container management today, directly from the mouth of Kubernetes experts in the field

Kubernetes Experts Report

2024 is the tenth anniversary of Kubernetes, which is now the de-facto standard for container orchestration. Portworx by Pure Storage surveyed over 500 Kubernetes experts to learn more about the top trends and challenges in container management today.

This report will uncover the top priorities Kubernetes experts have when considering container data management, including:

  • Virtualization and persistent storage on Kubernetes
  • Data management challenges in complex Kubernetes environments
  • Platform engineering as a key function
  • The future of hybrid and multi-cloud environments

What’s become clear is that cloud native platforms supporting containerized workloads have reached a point of maturity.

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Report Highlights

80 %

of organizations predict that, over the next 5 years, most of their new applications will be built on cloud native platforms

58 %

plan to migrate some of their existing VM workloads to Kubernetes (via Kubevirt)

65 %

plan to migrate their VM workloads within the next two years, indicating urgency