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See why modern enterprises trust Portworx to manage data for mission critical containerized applications to achieve zero downtime and data loss, while dramatically reducing infrastructure costs in a multi-cloud world

Production Kubernetes Storage

The essential Kubernetes storage capabilities for small production applications






Up to 5 nodes
+ 5TB storage

per cluster


Easy upgrade to Portworx Enterprise as you grow

Community Support and Step by Step Tutorials

Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials


Fully-featured enterprise storage platform for multiple production applications


Free Trial
30 Days


Annual Subscription
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Pay as you go
$0.55 per VM node-hour
$1.65 per baremetal node-hour
1,000 node-hours per month minimum


1,000+ nodes
+ unlimited storage

per cluster


Extend Portworx Enterprise with add-ons for DR, Backup and Automated Capacity Management

24 x 7 x 365 Enterprise Support

Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials


No commitment. No credit card required.

Kubernetes Backup and Recovery

Protect your applications and clusters with complete application backup for Kubernetes


Free Trial
30 Days


Annual Subscription
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Point and click backup and recovery

Any stateful or stateless application

Application-consistent backups

Backup Kubernetes objects and data

Backup cloud volumes even if you’re not using Portworx Enterprise

Automated scheduled backups

24 x 7 x 365 Enterprise Support

Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials

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The Portworx Kubernetes Storage Platform is the software-defined container storage platform built from the ground up for Kubernetes. By providing scale-out software defined container storage, data availability, data security, backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications running on-prem or across clouds, Portworx has helped dozens of Global 2000 companies such as Carrefour, Comcast, GE Digital, Lufthansa, T-Mobile, and SAIC run containerized data services in production.

Any cloud or bare-metal kubernetes cluster
Cloud Drive Provisioning
Max Nodes 5 1,000+
Max Containers per Node 30 No Limit
Max Volumes 500 No Limit
Max Storage Per Node 1 TB 20 TB/ server included
(Additional capacity may be licensed. Contact sales for pricing.)
Max Storage Per Cluster 5 TB No limit
Application-Consistent Snapshots 5 per Volume Unlimited
Volume Backup to Cloud 1/Day/Volume Unlimited
Community Support and Step by Step Tutorials
24 x 7 x 365 Enterprise Support
Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials


Built from the ground up for containers, PX-Store provides cloud native storage for applications running in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid-multi-cloud environments.

PX-Store Features
Container-optimized volumes with elastic scaling (no application downtime)
Storage aware class-of-service (COS) and application aware I/O tuning
Multi-writer shared volumes (across multiple containers) tuning
Failover across nodes/racks/AZ
Aggregated volumes for storage pooling across hosts
Support for Hyperconverged and Dedicated storage architectures
Local Snapshots – On-demand and schedule based
Scanning drives for media errors, alerting and repairing
Local data center synchronous replication for HA
(*Applicable for bare metal hosts only)
Volume consistency groups
OpenStorage SDK – plugs into CSI, Kubernetes and Docker volumes


With encryption and access controls, you can move securely at the speed of Kubernetes.

PX-Secure Features
Cluster-wide encryption
Container-granular or Storage-class based BYOK Encryption
Role-based access control
Integration with Active Directory and LDAP via OIDC


Complete control over your Kubernetes data no matter where it lives.

PX-Migrate Features
Multi-cloud/multi-cluster app migrations
(Up to 5 Volumes per cluster)
Snapshot to cloud
(1 Snapshot per Day per Volume)
Application-consistent snapshots
(Max 5 Snapshots per Volume)
Migrate volumes and Kubernetes applications across clusters

PX-DR (add-on)

Protect your mission critical data

PX-DR Features
Multi-site synchronous replication for Zero RPO DR in a metro area
Multi-site asynchronous replication across the WAN

PX-Autopilot for Capacity Management

Automate Kubernetes storage management, slash cloud storage costs in half.

PX-Autopilot Features
Automatically resize individual container volumes
Automatically resize entire storage cluster (Integrates with Amazon EBS, Google PD, Azure Block Storage and VMware vSphere)


Your centralized monitoring, metrics and data management interface for Portworx Enterprise.

PX-Central Features
Multi-cluster management UI
Cluster Management CLI
Proactive centralized Monitoring
Cluster setup/installation
Community Support and Step by Step Tutorials
24 x 7 x 365 Enterprise Support
Full Access to documentation, forums, step by step tutorials

Broad Choice Of Orchestrators

Seamless integration with any orchestrator on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure

Orchestrator Features
Scheduler Support
Docker Swarm
Hashicorp Nomad
Red Hat OpenShift
Integration with Managed Kubernetes Services
Amazon Web Services Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS)
IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS)
Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE)

Protect all of your Kubernetes clusters, applications, and data

Built exclusively for containerized applications, Portworx PX-Backup protects your applications – data, application configuration, and Kubernetes objects – with a single click at the Kubernetes Pod, Namespace, or Cluster level. Enabling application-aware zero data loss backup and fast recovery for even complex distributed applications, PX-Backup delivers true multi-cloud availability.

PX-Backup Features
Container Native Backup
Application Configuration
Kubernetes Objects
Single Click Experience from PX-Central
Scheduled backups
Backup and Restore AWS EBS
Backup and Restore Azure Disk
Backup and Restore Google Persistent Disk
Backup and Restore Portworx Enterprise

Portworx Enterprise is the Kubernetes storage platform trusted in production by the world’s leading enterprises.