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Portworx Enterprise storage vs. the competition

Feature Portworx Ondat LongHorn Openshift ODF
Open Source Kubernetes Support
Auto-Provision Cloud Storage
Object Storage
Zero RPO Disaster Recovery
Multi Cluster App Migration
Enterprise Support

A Leader in the IDC Marketplace

IDC MarketScape Names Pure Storage a Leader in Container Data Management. Download the excerpt to learn more.

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Kubernetes persistent storage platform

Deploy, operate, scale K8s apps in production anywhere with a few clicks and within seconds!

Make Your Storage Developer-Ready

Flexibility of infrastructure (on-prem/cloud) enhances developer agility, enabling self-service access to any storage or data services and cloud data portability.

Maximize Apps Performance

Ability to run mission-critical applications in production with the best performance and on-demand scalability.

Ensure Business Continuity

Zero RPO disaster recovery across data centers reduces the failover time to seconds, making your Kubernetes environment highly available, fault tolerant, and resilient.

Scalable Persistent Storage

Deploy cloud-native storage for applications running across any environment (on-prem and hybrid/multi-cloud) with elastic scaling for zero application downtime.

Portworx supports all the major Kubernetes platforms.

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Portworx also supports these container orchestrators

Run all the most popular data services on Kubernetes.

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