To lower costs and accelerate software deployment for clients, DataScan decided to migrate from virtual machines to container clusters orchestrated by Kubernetes. Portworx provides persistent volumes needed to sync Kubernetes clusters and maintain strong disaster recovery practices.


While the Kubernetes container environment improves scalability and maintainability, DataScan also needed to move data freely to maintain its strong disaster recovery SLAs which involved sustained testing and data center migration every six months.


Business Transformation
  • Demonstrates and delivers security to demanding financial services clients
  • Simplifies storage, reducing costs and increasing scope for innovation
  • Supports business growth based on future-proof storage technology
IT Transformation
  • 100% storage support for disaster recovery in Kubernetes
  • 100% success in data center testing
  • 100% success in failover testing

Financial Services


North America

Use Cases

Disaster Recovery

“Portworx is one of the few technologies that brings the convenience and flexibility of traditional storage to the containerized world.”

Lance Allred, IT Infrastructure Manager, DataScan