Building a Modern Cloud Architecture

This video explores why microservices and managed services like Amazon EKS and Portworx are the key to scalability with Kubernetes.

To accelerate and scale better with modern applications across a large volume of containers, organizations use container-based architectures like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS).

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is one of the most popular cloud-based container orchestration solutions for managing and deploying applications. For many organizations, the main advantage of using EKS is that it does the heavy lifting for Kubernetes management. However, EKS does not provide complete enterprise storage capabilities on its own. In order to get the most out of your EKS environment, you need to consider leveraging additional solutions, like Portworx, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and scalability with your existing infrastructure.

Kubernetes Made Simple with Portworx on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)

Portworx provides comprehensive enterprise storage capabilities for EKS deployments. Portworx helps AWS customers by providing a platform for data portability across on prem and cloud platforms, automated backups, simplified storage provisioning, and enhanced security.

By leveraging intelligent storage features with Portworx, you no longer have to manually provision underlying storage devices for each application, saving you time and money. Portworx automatically creates and thin-provisions storage resources for each containerized application running within Amazon EKS, saving your team from manually configuring required storage for your applications.

Running applications with a data management platform like Portworx makes it easier to scale your applications as needed and to keep up with the demands of your users; this video explains how.

Innovate Faster at Lower Risk with Portworx and Amazon EKS

Portworx helps AWS customers to maximize the value they receive from application workloads within Amazon EKS environments. With its feature-rich storage capabilities, Portworx offers an ideal data management platform for optimizing business continuity; disaster recovery; and application performance in dynamic AWS environments, this video addresses how Portworx complements Amazon EKS environments.

Portworx can cost-effectively manage how EBS drives are allocated, thin provision storage, and customize I/O profiles to accommodate different workloads. Portworx is fully compatible with Amazon’s compute and storage infrastructure and provides a unified platform for the automation of testing, business continuity and storage allocation policies, ensuring highly performant and efficient storage across large volumes of applications across availability zones and regions.

Once installed, Portworx will automatically detect available EBS volumes and create a logical pool of storage which is then divided into flexible, customizable, I/O profiles that are tailored to accommodate different workloads. This allows IT teams to easily align applications across different storage tiers for better performance and capacity management.

How Faster Build Cycles Lower Costs and Speed Up Results

Portworx enables Amazon EKS users to optimize storage intelligence and automation in Kubernetes environments, enabling a cost-effective and performance-optimized cloud infrastructure for modern applications.

One of the greatest benefits of using Portworx is its flexibility”- it can scale up or down depending on customer needs while ensuring that all application requirements are met. at every level. This makes Portworx ideal for organizations looking to reduce costs while maintaining performance, reliability and security as they grow their workloads on Amazon EKS and other platforms, whether on prem or in the public cloud.

As applications grow and mature, it can become very inefficient to ensure that data is backed up for timely recoveries and policy compliance. With Portworx, customers are able to quickly automate data protection and business continuity practices with policy-based backups across multiple clusters within the same region, without having to custom create scripts.

The combination of EKS and Portworx offers customers better flexibility and reliability for managing stateful workloads, leading to improved efficiency when it comes to the deployment and operation of containerized applications.

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