PX-Developer Beta: Scale-Out Storage, Container First

We all want a radically easier way to get work done. Docker has done that for applications by build once, run anywhere, and spin-up in seconds. But what about the storage industry? We put out an alpha of our container storage, after hearing from DockerCon users.

Lots of user discussions, putting more miles on storage as a container, and pushing the performance has led to this announcement. Thanks to Jérôme and others for feedback to date and the compose-up experience.

We want to continue the discussion on improving the user experience for storage. You who run containers, for partners, and for everyone from the ecosystem … what could be radically better for container storage? To make a concrete proposal about what we think it could look like, today we are making our container storage solution for dev and DevOps an open beta.

With PX-Developer, you can:

– Run the open-source registry with highly available storage, on your servers.

– Scale-out Cassandra or your CICD with state protected by a general storage block solution.

– Provision, backup container-granular storage on-premise or in clouds.

We renamed the release PX-Developer (PX-Dev for short) as a public commitment to building a solution for dev and DevOps users. While we continue to develop our enterprise IT storage solution, we remain committed to the idea that developers and DevOps should also be free from traditional SANs.

We see this as part of the wave of building infrastructure with Docker. To get scale-out block storage with PX-Dev, all you need is Docker. Install and add nodes through ‘docker run,’ get a fully integrated experience with your container scheduler, and run bare-metal with no VM overhead. We believe this new wave of infrastructure must be thin, fast, and bridge DevOps and enterprise use cases.

Help us shape PX-Developer and this storage discussion. We think that everyone should get fast, robust storage in seconds… just through spinning-up a container. The best feedback to date, has been the most unexpected. Get started with PX-Dev here.

Another way to participate is to join the early access program for PX-Enterprise, our enterprise-class container storage solution launching this summer. Beta customers will help define the product, receive a substantial discount on the first year’s license fee, and get cool Portworx swag. You can sign up here.

Follow us on twitter @portwx for news and share your feedback. You can also reach out to us on the Portworx Google forum.

Portworx | Co-Founder and CTO

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