Portworx Working in a Multi-Node Docker Swarm Cluster

Portworx (PWX) is a scale out block storage layer on top of physically attached block LUNs.

Here, I want to show you a demo of PWX working with Docker in a multi node Swarm cluster.

Using the openstorage CLI and daemon, we deploy the PWX volume provider to the Swarm cluster.

Then we provision a volume using the openstorage CLI.

Since openstorage is integrated with the Docker volumes plugin interface, we can seamlessly demonstrate two containers deployed on different nodes to share data.  The same demo can be used to demonstrate high availability of data across nodes in a multi node Docker environment.

Here is a video of this in action.  This is all coming together so nicely, thanks to the collaborative efforts in the Docker ecosystem!

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Portworx | Co-Founder and CTO

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