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As we gear up for SUSECON 2024, we at Portworx by Pure Storage are thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor for this event in the world of open-source innovation and enterprise technology. Our partnership with Rancher by SUSE has enabled us to drive forward the capabilities of container data management solutions, and we are excited to share our latest advancements and success stories with the SUSECON community.

With Portworx, Rancher users gain all the benefits of the leading container data management platform, allowing them to unlock the value of Kubernetes data at enterprise scale. Portworx provides self-service high performance storage that is optimized for the enterprise, helping platform teams see operational efficiencies across the application lifecycle. Enterprises running mission-critical applications on Kubernetes can also ensure business continuity through high availability and disaster recovery. Finally, both Rancher and Portworx enable enterprises to build in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, providing consistent and centralized management of Kubernetes clusters no matter where they’re located. Read more on our website.

To learn more about our partnership in person, you can see Portworx at SUSECON not only at our booth, but by joining us for two sessions that showcase our collaboration with Rancher by SUSE and highlight the real-world applications of our joint solutions. We invite you to join us to learn more about how Portworx and Rancher are empowering enterprises at scale.

Building a Container-as-a-Service Platform on RKE2

In this session, we will delve into a compelling case study of a European asset management company that revolutionized its infrastructure. By building a container-as-a-service platform on Rancher RKE2, the company achieved a seamless migration to containers, modernizing their IT landscape. We will explore how Portworx by Pure Storage integrated with Rancher RKE2 to provide seamless management of big data and infrastructure applications, thereby future-proofing their architecture. Attendees will gain insights into the practical steps and strategic decisions involved in this transformation journey.

Simplified Day 2 Operations on Rancher Prime

Transitioning to stateful applications on Rancher Prime is just the beginning. Day 2 operations present unique challenges such as capacity management, noisy neighbor issues, and data loss. This session will demonstrate how Portworx, in conjunction with Rancher Prime, addresses these challenges head-on. With Portworx AutoPilot, you can automate the management of storage pools and PVC capacity using Rancher’s built-in monitoring tools. Additionally, our App I/O Control feature ensures optimal performance by regulating volume IOPS or bandwidth usage. The Portworx trash can feature adds an extra layer of protection against accidental deletions, safeguarding your data.

Visit Us at the Portworx Booth

Stop by the Portworx booth to engage with our experts to discover how Portworx can help automate, protect, and unify modern applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. See demos of our integrations with Rancher and learn more about our latest product updates and future roadmap.


We look forward to connecting with you at SUSECON 2024 and exploring how we can support your journey towards a more modern and resilient infrastructure. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed session schedules on our social media channels and learn more about Rancher and Portworx by joining us at SUSECON!

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