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Trying to run Jenkins on AWS? Press the easy button with Portworx.

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October 19, 2021 | On Demand

Jenkins on AWS EKS is one of the most popular ways to deliver cloud native applications via DevOps & CI/CD pipelines. Because of high memory and IO demands, running Jenkins on AWS can prove challenging. Enterprises need a solution that leverages the automation of Kubernetes while providing the flexibility needed to dynamically scale and build Jenkins agents.

Portworx by Pure Storage provides the easy button by delivering scalable, performant, and highly available data services that automates data protection, resiliency, and disaster recovery for Jenkins across multiple availability zones, regions in AWS on EKS or on-prem with AWS Outpost or EKS-D. Join us to learn how Portworx and AWS EKS can supercharge your DevOps pipeline for the container world. Watch the webinar to learn more.


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