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Introduction to Data on Kubernetes
This first Webinar is for the ones who are new or curious about Data on Kubernetes.
We’ll walk attendees through the benefits and challenges of running Data on Kubernetes and OpenShift. We are starting from the basics of why you should (or shouldn’t) look into containerization, and why Kubernetes has gained so much momentum in the data management industry.

Join in to gain a foundational knowledge about the challenges, tools and benefits of running Enterprise Data on Kubernetes, helping you side-step the pitfalls often encountered along the way.

First Steps to State in Kubernetes
In this second Session we will explore running stateful applications in Kubernetes and how to measure the success of the cloud native project as a whole.

We’ll also address how to migrate legacy apps and build new containerized apps from the ground up. Lastly, we’ll uncover potential challenges and solutions we encounter along this journey, reviewing the tools available from CSI, Software Defined Storage, Operators, and Managed DBaaS.

All with a view to enable your platform to be highly available, globally portable, durable, protected from ransomware, and easily operated, anywhere.

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