Portworx is the best way to run Openshift on Kubernetes. Period.

Portworx is the cloud native storage company modern enterprises trust to manage stateful services like Openshift running on Kubernetes. Portworx dramatically reduces storage, compute, and operations costs for running mission-critical multi-cloud applications with zero downtime or data loss.

When you use Portworx as the data management layer for Kubernetes, you can:

Kubernetes Cassandra

  • Reduce compute costs by 40-60%
  • Reduce storage costs by 30% or more
  • Reduce ops and support costs by $1.8 million annually

The World’s Most Innovative Businesses Run Portworx

We’re app experts, not just storage experts.

Most enterprise storage companies don’t think about apps. We’re different. PX-Enterprise has built-in and automated best practices for application deployment, scaling, backup and recovery, application consistent snapshots and cloud migrations. Everything we do is about making your apps run better.

Docker persistent storage for Cassandra
Docker persistent storage for postgres
Docker persistent storage for MySQL
persistent storage for kafka on DC/OS
and more…

Portworx solves the five most common problems DevOps teams experience when running containerized databases and other stateful services in production.

persistent volumes for Docker
Persistent Volumes
No data loss when your containers fail.
HA for Docker storage
High Availability
Smart provisioning, replication, and failover to keep your apps up.
automatically manage docker volumes via your scheduler
Scheduler-based Automation
Deep integration with the most popular container schedulers.
ecrypt docker volumes
Data Security
Move fast. Move securely.
docker storage for any database or any environment
Anything, Anywhere
Consistently manage any database on any infrastructure.

Portworx has partnerships, certifications and integrations with the industry-leading Kubernetes platforms

docker volume support on AWS
docker volume support on Google Cloud
docker volume support on Azure
storage for containers for Mesosphere, DCOS, and Marathon
storage for containers