Just How Easy Is It to Spin Up a Portworx Cluster?


Traveling on the day after Labor Day should have meant long airport delays, but somehow I breezed through security with an hour to spare. So I asked myself, can I spin up a new Portworx cluster on a new cloud provider in less than an hour?

Starting at 8:57, I created my new account with Digital Ocean.

By 9:16, I had created three new “droplets” from three different machine images: CentOS, CoreOS, and Ubuntu —- across 2 different “availability zones”: SFO and NYC.


digital-ocean  .

By 9:20, I had created a Portworx PX-Enterprise cluster called “DigitalOcean1,” ready to deploy on the new “droplet” nodes.


CoreOS was the only image with Docker included, so I had to install Docker on the CentOS and Ubuntu nodes. That took me to 09:32.

Then I was able to use the Portworx bootstrap script from PX-Enterprise to spin up all three nodes.


And by 9:44, I had spun up a PX-Enterprise cluster…

  • On a brand new Cloud provider (Digital Ocean), because Portworx gives you a choice…
  • Using three different OS images (CentOS, CoreOS, Ubuntu), because you have a choice…
  • With availability spanning two different availability zones (SFO, NYC), because data availability matters most…

…and all in less than an hour, because Portworx really is that easy.

Jeff Silberman
Global Solutions Architect