Thanks for visiting us at Pure // Accelerate 2023 in Las Vegas! Feel free to explore our Portworx Hands-on Labs until July 31st to learn more about Kubernetes and Portworx!

Click the orange button below to access the following labs:

Portworx Kubernetes 101

Just getting started with Kubernetes and need some basic introduction to concepts and how to perform some basics? Check out the 101-level course and get started!

Portworx Enterprise Basics Proof of Value Workshop

Already went through our Kubernetes 101 lab or know your way around Kubernetes? Check out how to install Portworx and use some of our most compelling features for your enterprise!

Portworx Enterprise Sync DR Proof of Value Workshop

Ready for some 300-level synchronous replication fun to examine how Portworx can provide ZERO RPO for your Kubernetes-based applications, and order some Portworx BBQ at the same time? Check out our Sync DR lab where we show you how you can operate persistent applications and not miss a single transaction in the case of a Kubernetes cluster failure!