Enterprise-Class Storage,
Purpose-Built for Containers

What is Container-Defined Storage?

Portworx delivers storage that is elastic, highly available, and built from the ground up for containerized apps.

Why Do You Need Container-Defined Storage?

Get Container-Defined Storage

Get PX-Developer

  • Provision capacity through a container
  • Run any application with elastic, highly available storage
  • Get fine-grained control over the priority, capacity, and scale
Get Portworx PX-Developer

Preview PX-Enterprise

  • All of PX-Developer’s features plus:
  • Enterprise-class GUI and features
  • Cluster-wide visibility and management
Preview PX-Enterprise

Enterprise applications are typically stateful and containers are not by design. But providing a stateful, scalable, container-tuned infrastructure that compliments containerized applications is the key to rapid deployment of containers in the enterprise world. Portworx represents the next generation of container technology specifically focused on accelerting production deployment of containers.

Justin Fitzhugh

Former CIO of Jive Software and current VP of Technical Operations at Instart Logic

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